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im sad.

my cartilage piercing was finally not infected or painful so i changed the earring a couple of days ago,
well now i have to let it close up. its gotten so infected i have an abscess where its pierced. its been
bleeding for the past 20 minutes now and it hurts like hell. i have to call and go to the doctors tomorrow.
im scared. it already hurts like hell and now they're probably going to have to use a needle to relive the
pressure and drain the fluid. ouch thats gonna hurt. my mom was just touching it and i was in tears.
FUCK CLAIRES AND THEIR SHITTY EARRINGS. i swear thats why this happend. next time im going
to a tattoo place and getting it done by someone who knows what they're doing. god, thats $35 i wasted
and will never get back.

god so i might have to miss school again tomorrow. cuz i have to go to work to pick up kirks prescription and
drop one off, and while im there im going "shopping" in the supply closet on one of the floors cuz my mom needs
something, then i have to get my moms script and take it to the lab for her and now i have to go to the doctors/a promt care.

grrrrrr. life sucks sometimes (or all the time).

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