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ok so i havent used this in a loooooong time, and this will probably be the only entry for quite some time. i started school again and whenever im not at school im at work. but i do have a funny story to tell anyone who is reading this/anyone who gives a damn. i was officially initiated into transport by the afternoon shift guys. so for the afternoon shift after the dispatcher leaves we all get pagers and the different departments call the operator and she pages us with their extension and we call and get the move blah blah blah. well one afternoon i got a page and called it back and on the other end was another transporter,dave, and he thought i was todd...well he asked if i was free for now and i said i was but then he said nevermind and that he was going to wait for todd, well i told him that i was clear and that i would help him, so he told me that he had a green room (morgue) that he needed help with and told me to meet him in the transport office. so i get there and he hands me a pair of gloves and tells me that we have to stack, which is where we put the bodies already in the morgue on this cart that is like a "bunk-bed" cart. so we go and we do that and i turned my back for a second and the next thing i know i hear this loud thud. i look over at dave and he looks freaked out, so i look on the ground and i see one of the body bags on the ground and all i hear is dave saying oh shit. so dave asked if i would help him put it back on the cart and i told him i would well we get ready to pick it up and the next thing i know is the body bag on top of the cart sits up and i started to freak out, well it was todd in that bag and then i look on the ground and the body bag starts moving so i freak out more and then it gets up and starts dancing, well it was wesley in that body bag. i was soooooo fucking pissed off, but now that i look back on it, its fricken hillarious. but they kind of traumatized me cuz i had to do another green room like a week later with this girl katie and my hands would not stop shaking, even though i knew it wasnt going to be todd or wesley in the bag i just was kinda freaked still from their "initiation". welp, thats my story. i have tons more, maybe ill update with more if anyone cares.

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