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omg. transport is so easy, yet so hard. i just have a hard time remembering where everything is, cuz as a sitter i was only ever on the floors, as a transporter i need to know where o.r. is and where xray is and everything else. plus you have to know how to unhook everything and work the beds and all that and its kinda hard but like i said its easy at the same time. lord what a long day though, i worked from 9-5:30 which was torture cuz im so blasted tired right now, but i did make $88 today so thats good...thats like 2 days worth of sitting right there. i have to go back tomorrow and do the same 9-5:30 shift again...ugh. the guy training me today was really cute, taken, but cute. really annoying though. everybody is really nice, and of course im the youngest one in the group and they all recognize me from sitting and like to point it out to me. man there are some seriously good looking guys that work transport. :-) thats good. all the people that do sitting are like 60 year old women. alright well i gotta do some laundry.

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